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What is Threads?

Nina De Winter

Twitter recently got a new rival with the launch of Meta’s latest application called Threads. Wondering what the hype around this platform is about? Find out in this article.


You have most likely seen or read the name Threads somewhere on the internet in the last couple of weeks. 

But, it is possible that you haven’t downloaded the application yet or don’t have a clear image of what it does.

Don’t worry, because today Casa Media is here to explain all of that, and so much more! We happily give you the answers to any questions you may have relating to this platform.

Nowadays, the social media landscape is continuously growing in competitiveness. New types of social media platforms are rising with the hopes of beating the big industry dominators. 

Although many newcomers catch the eye of the public at first, there are very few candidates that succeed and remain popular. 

The newest name in the game is without a doubt Meta’s Threads. Let’s take a closer look at what this social network is, how you can use it and whether it has the potential to beat its competitor Twitter.

Although we can see you think, ‘Oh, not another social media platform’, social media can make or break it when it comes to your business success. In practice, this means that your social media profiles should always be up to date and accurate.

Since social media can be described as the home of your brand, it is also the perfect place to start if you are considering rebranding. Want to know more about this, but don’t want to spend hours scrolling on the internet? We got you: we collected everything you need to know in this article about rebranding your business through social media.

Now, let’s go back to Threads and see what the hype is all about.

What is Threads?

The most important question that needs to be answered first is “What is Meta’s ‘Twitter’?”. 

To put it simple, Threads is a free text-based app that was developed by the team behind Instagram. The main purpose of this new platform is to encourage public conversations and foster connections between people.

In other words, it is very similar to Twitter, yet it is linked to Instagram. According to Mark Zuckerberg, the vision behind Threads is ‘to take what Instagram does best and expand that to text’.

For the same reason, your Threads account will be linked to your Instagram account.

For example, you can log in on this new social media network through your Instagram account and  you can choose to follow the same people as on Instagram.

Do keep in mind that your Threads profile can only be deleted when your Instagram account is deleted. Depending on your motivations, this may be more of a hassle.

Speaking of Instagram, we know some good secret Instagram hacks that can help you to spice up your performance. But remember: you didn’t hear this from us.

How to sign in and use Threads

We completely understand the frustration that comes with discovering new social media networks. Some platforms just require more steps to go through when creating an account than others.

The good news is that it is simple to use the Threads app. Yes, even your grandmother that is new to social media will be able to sign in on Threads by herself. It is that easy.

The first thing you do is go to the AppStore or PlayStore of your device and download the Threads app. 

Once this is done, you open the application and tap on the button ‘Log in with Instagram’. The presence of this button clearly illustrates the importance of having an Instagram account – otherwise using Threads is impossible.

Once you have configured your account, you are able to see the Threads feed with posts from followers and unknown people. Just like on Instagram, but also like Twitter.

When it comes to the navigation on Threads, there are many symbols on the homepage. Here is a quick list of what they mean:

  • House icon: brings you to homepage or feed
  • Magnifying glass icon: brings you to search page where you can look for other users
  • Pen and paper icon: allows you to create a new Thread
  • Heart icon: shows your account activity (followers, likes, verified users, mentions)
  • Human figure icon: brings you to your own profile where you can see your Threads activity

How do I create Threads?

As mentioned right above, the pen-and-paper symbol the one for creating Threads. That is also why this icon is in the middle of the tool bar at the bottom of your screen.

Your Threads post is limited to 500 characters, but it is possible to add an attachment by clicking on the paper clip sign underneath the text. Just like on Twitter, you can choose between videos, images, and gifs.

Who is using Threads?

According to Zuckerberg, five million people signed up on Threads within the first four hours of operation and already has over thirty million users.

If you already have the application downloaded yourself, you come across many famous faces, such as Shakira, Kim Kardashian, Oprah, Jeniffer Lopez, and Gordon Ramsay. Fun fact: that number will have increased by the time you read this.

We find that the release of Threads was planned in a genius way: it was launched right when Elon Musk announced that Twitter function ‘Twitter Circles’ would be disappearing. 

This did not only make Twitter users even more frustrated than they already were, but it also convinced many people to try out this new alternative to Twitter. Failing to plan is planning to fail – that is the main lesson to remember here. 

The same goes for your brand: now that there is a new social media network in the game, you should grab the opportunity with both hands and expand your social media management strategy. Need help with that? Casa would love to help you out! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I use Threads without having an Instagram profile?

Although we already answered this question briefly before, it is a common thought that pops up in the minds of many online users. Therefore, let’s give you a clear response.

For now, it is impossible to sign up on Threads without having an Instagram account. Although that limits the use of Twitter’s new rival for some, it is very smart: by having this standard in place, Instagram will also see an increase in users.

Additionally, Instagram users receive notifications about their own followers joining Threads – leading to even more Threads sign-ups. Also, if your followers are using Threads, you can find proof of that in their Instagram bio.

That Meta has clearly understood the lesson of playing the social media game smart is once again proven.

Where is Threads available?

Currently, Meta’s Threads is available in 100 countries and in over 30 languages. You can either download it via Apple iOs or Google Play.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the social media platform will be available in Europe anytime soon. This has to do with EU privacy regulations, with which Threads doesn’t comply yet.

It sucks, we know. 

We will be sure to let you know if this changes. The potential of the social network reaches far and according to us, the availability is an important success factor.

How similar are Threads and Twitter?

Apart from asking yourself how similar how the Threads app works, you might be wondering how different it is from Twitter.

You’ll be able to read all the details in our next article, but here is a sneak peek of the key similarities between Instagram’s Threads and Twitter. 

  • Both are text-based conversation platforms that promote conversation between online users
  • Both platforms have similar symbols going from the like button to newsfeeds
  • Reposting content is possible on both apps but named differently to avoid legal actions from Twitter: ‘retweets’ are ‘reposts’ on Threads and ‘tweets’ are ‘threads’ on Meta’s Twitter
  • Posting is possible on both platforms but threads can have more characters than tweets

Stay tuned for more…

What is coming next on Threads?

You might be wondering what Threads’ strategy is to stay relevant after this. Good question!

Although we don’t know much yet, the social network has revealed some of its plans for the near future in a thread. We made it easy for you and compiled the main points in a concise list:

  • Personalized recommendations on who to follow
  • Chronological feed (just like Instagram in the old days)
  • It will be easier to search and follow topics and trends live

As they end their own thread, the team behind Threads recommends users to personalize their feed by following more people and interacting with accounts they love.

Speaking of engaging with creators on Threads, feel free to follow us (and check out our threads).

What you should remember about Threads

So, what should you remember from this article about Threads? Let’s keep it simple.

Threads is a messaging platform that was developed by Meta and has the aim of competing and beating Twitter. Whether this will actually happen, is something only the future can tell.

We can conclude that Threads is still in its early stages and that so far it has launched with a bang. It has been downloaded already by millions of people, including celebrities. 

The main disadvantage of this new social media network is the lack of availability in Europe. This could be a pain point, as the European public is a big audience in the social media industry. On the other hand, releasing Threads in Europe could be an opportunity for Meta to reach a wider group of users.

Last but certainly not least, one could say that Threads is similar to both Twitter and Instagram, but still has its own character. We’ll take a closer look at the exact differences in our next article, but it is interesting to see how thought-through the strategy behind Threads is. Kudos to Meta.

Are you already using Threads? Because Casa Media is! You can find us here.

Ready to step up your social media game?

Whatever you need, Casa Media is here for you



01 August 2023


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