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Organic SEO explained: How to Boost Traffic



Ranking high in search engines can make-or-break it for your business. Today, we’ll look at SEO from A to Z and at the end of this article you will know how to boost your website’s organic traffic.

How to Craft Effective Brand Messaging



Did you know that brand authenticity is a crucial decision factor for 88% of consumers? Casa guides you on the path to effective brand messaging, so you can make the right impression on your target audience.

Why Good Web Design is Important


Web Design

It takes online users 50 milliseconds to form an initial opinion of your website design. Since there is only a short span of time to make a good first impression, it is crucial to use that time wisely. We share our best tips and tricks to help you succeed.

What is a Logo and Why is it Useful?



Logos are part of our everyday life and have become so apparent that their sheer number often remains unnoticed. Today, Casa is here to inform you about what a logo is and how it can be the catalyst to success for your business.

The Importance of Restaurant Branding



Creating a unique and memorable brand identity for restaurants is an important part of their success. In this article, we will look at the importance of restaurant branding through a case study of a branding project Casa did for Shinas.

8 Work-Life Balance Tips for Social Media Managers



Because of its impact on our daily routines, we have talked a lot about work-life balance since the start of the pandemic. After all, most people saw a drastic change in their work habits when they suddenly had to work from home. Even though we gradually returned to our previous ways from before COVID-19, work is one area that remains permanently changed. Don’t get us wrong : sometimes, working remotely is truly a blessing. But other times, it can make the line between work and your daily life kind of blurry.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?


Inbound Marketing

With many brands struggling to establish a successful online presence in today's digital world, it’s smart to consider the help of a digital marketing agency to leave your mark. Do you know what an agency does and how their support can benefit your business? We gladly explain everything to you. Just keep reading.

Why Digital Marketing in Real Estate is Crucial

Inbound Marketing

Tell us if we are wrong, but the real estate game lies in trying to reach the perfect customer for the perfect home, correct? We also know that consumer and shopping habits have changed during and after the pandemic : customers in many markets (including real estate) can be found online, and searching online.

Brand Identity vs Brand Image



When starting your own business, a great deal of information that’s said to be “absolutely crucial to your success” is thrown at you : this can easily make the whole ordeal even more overwhelming than it might already be. No worries ! Casa’s here to share its knowledge and guide you through the truly important […]

Shifting gears, SH1FT Digital is now Casa Media



SH1FT Digital is rebranding and will from now on be called Casa Media.

Digital Marketing FAQs


Inbound Marketing

Curious to know more about Digital Marketing and how it could help your brand?

What is Branding?



Whether you’re just beginning this process or are looking to re-evaluate your current brand, you should clearly understand branding.

Benefits of Content Marketing



Learn about Content Marketing and the impact it can have on your brand.

Meet the Team at Casa Media



To say we're fun would be an understatement.

Shopify Review – Pros and Cons (2021)


Web Design

One of the most popular eCommerce platforms in the world, does it really live up to the hype?

The 7 Best Marketing Channels to Prioritize in 2021


Inbound Marketing

Discover the 7 most effective marketing channels to capitalise on 2021.

What is a B2B Company and How to Market it?


Inbound Marketing

Get to the bottom of what B2B really means and how you can market it with this guide.

How to Increase Organic Traffic in 2021



Want more traffic to your site without having to pay a cent? Sounds like you should increase your organic traffic.

How to Reach Top 3 Products of the Day on Product Hunt


Inbound Marketing

Preparing for your big lauch on Product Hunt? We interviewed Baptiste Nicolas, co-founder at Vidjet and he gave us all his secrets.

A Guide to Bounce Rates and 6 Ways to Lower Yours


Web Design

Find out once and for all what counts as a bounce and why you should be monitoring them with this guide.

How to Promote Products: The Ultimate Guide


Inbound Marketing

Everything you need to know to get your product seen by the right people, right now.

How To Find the Right eCommerce Website Builder For You


Web Design

A well built eCommerce store should be easy to manage and simple to use so choosing the right website builder is key. Here's how to do it...

5 Reasons To Choose Casa Media As Your Marketing Agency


Inbound Marketing

Because a little shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone...

What Is CRO And How To Leverage It For Your Business


Web Design

What is CRO? It's the most important statistic in your marketing strategy. Learn how to implement it in your business in this article.

How To Create Landing Pages That Convert


Web Design

We've created a step-by-step guide on how to create a landing page that converts along with design and sales tips.

16 Great Landing Page Design Examples


Web Design

We chose 16 great landing page design examples with an in depth analysis for your inspiration in 2020.

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