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How To Re-Brand Your Businesses Through Social Media

Harriet Bramwell

Casa rebranding

Maybe your old look doesn’t fit your brand’s evolving image. Perhaps your current branding style isn’t attracting your desired consumer demographic. Maybe your brand needs a long-overdue makeover. Whatever the reason, re-branding, though tedious, happens.

If you’re finding yourself constantly questioning whether or not you should re-brand, you probably need to change something about your image; and the absolute best place to start rebranding is on your social media. 

Social media is the home of your brand. A carefully curated Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter page will instantly tell future customers who you are, what you believe in, your goals, and how you want to appear. You can’t achieve any of these points if your brand doesn’t fit into your values. 

It’s time for you to take that leap and finally change out your social media aesthetic. I promise you; the pay-off will be worth the hard work. 

Check out points two and three in this article to learn how to change your brand. 

1. Create A Game Plan

This phase is going to take some serious coordination and planning. It’s time to figure out the why and how of your new brand. A great place to start in your social media journey is to do a social media audit. Hootsuite recommends you consider these points when auditing. 

  • What’s working, and what’s not?
  • Who is engaging with you?
  • Which networks does your target audience use?
  • How does your social media presence compare to the competitions?

These points will help you orient yourself and make rebranding a little less scary. Understanding how your customer base is responding to your current brand is everything. This will give you the exact information needed to find out what you need to change. Business pages on Instagram and Facebook collect your analytics and data, which you can access at any time. 

Don’t jump into a new image without understanding and carefully crafting why your company is changing its brand. Who knows, during your audit, you may find that your current customer base is responding well to your brand, and maybe your problem is marketing or limited understanding of your demographics needs. 

If, after checking out your analytics, you still believe you need to rebrand, it’s time to put in the actual work. 

Check out points two and three in this article to learn how to change your brand. 

2. Find Some Social Media Rebranding Inspiration

Let us be clear right out of the gate, finding inspiration and stealing content is not the same. You should never be directly stealing from any other brands. However, looking to brands with a similar business model can spark creativity and provide fresh ideas for your rebrand. 

When looking for brands to find inspiration from, look for these points: Brands that are selling a related product and brands with a similar aesthetic. 

When researching other brand’s social media, you should be looking for what they are doing right. Are their customers responding well to the layout of their Instagram? Or maybe they are tweeting content that you’re not and receiving way higher customer engagement. Learning what these businesses are doing right will help inform you on what you’re doing wrong. 

Here’s the caveat: I’m assuming you don’t want to blend in. No business wants to copy-paste the competition’s brand and become indistinguishable from the rest. When your competitor’s social media account, you should as well be looking for what they’re missing. 

Your brand should be one in a million, not one of a million. Identify how your rebrand can increase your company’s uniqueness. Take this opportunity to subvert your customer’s expectations, and create something they may not be expecting. It may take time for you to learn precisely what makes your brand unique, but once you do, make sure you show it off in your social media re-brand. 

3. Think About Hiring A Digital Artist 

There are plenty of talented digital artists who are waiting to get their hands on your social media page. 

Using a professional artist can lighten the load brought on by creating a new social media aesthetic. Communicating and collaborating with someone who’s an expert in digital imagery and branding can add a perspective that your business would not otherwise have, all while giving your brand a polished and professional look. 

Let’s face it, not all of us are artist’s, and having someone who can prevent your social media from looking like a total mess can be worth its weight in gold. 

No Messes

I know what you might be thinking: this sounds expensive. The great news? It doesn’t have to be. 

Sure, you can hire a premier uber pricey digital artist, but there are plenty of up-and-coming freelancers who are looking for an opportunity to show off their skills. Typically, they will charge less than a top-tier freelancer and can be just as talented.

Take a look at this site; it gives you fifteen fantastic websites where you can find freelance digital artists.

And, of course, don’t forget to connect with Casa Media to learn about how we can help you with your rebranding needs.

4. Wipe All Of Your Social Medias

So you’ve figured out exactly what your new brand is going to look like, what you want to post, and why this is the best move for your business. 

What’s next? A clean slate. 

It’s time to gert rid of the everything connected to your old brand. Yes, you read that correctly, everything. 

Your rebrand is the start of a brand new chapter in your business’s life. You don’t want your customer to go scrolling through your Instagram or Facebook and find a piece of content that is completely unrelated to your new brand. It can be off-putting or confuse new customers as to what your brand is all about. That’s why your better off starting anew. 

Before wiping all the content from your social media, create a post letting your current and customer know that your social media are about to be changed. Give them forewarning by announcing the release date of your new brand. Give your customers plenty of time to become aware of the change that is about to happen, so no one is left in the dark. 

Make sure that you also include any and all new links or re directs that your followers may want to be aware of. 

After you wipe your social media, you can immediately add one post welcoming your customers to your new page. More on this in point five. 

If you need an example of someone successful creating hype around their brand by wiping their social media, check out this article on how pop-star Taylor Swift rebranded her image. 

5. Role Out Your New Brand Gradually 

There is no need to overcompensate for your bare social media by bombarding your followers with an avalanche of posts. In my article 4 Do’s And Don’ts When Creating An Instagram Ad, I talk about the problems that arise when businesses post too often. 

It’s easy to fall into the over-posting trap when your starting fresh. It’s understandable, you want to revert back to some form of normalcy.

What you want to do, is spread out your posts; get your audience excited about your rebrand. 

Creating a posting schedule can ensure that you won’t annoy your followers with too many posts a row. A posting schedule can also keep you organized and on track, and give you a clear vision as to how quickly your social media will be back in commission. 

Re-branding is a commitment, and when done with patience, it can yield incredible results for your business. I know it’s tempting to get over-excited with your new image, but give your followers the chance to digest what you’re putting on their plates.

6. Be Receptive To Feedback On Your Social Media’s Re-Branding

Once you’ve complegtely all of the above steps, your job still is not done. 

Make sure you are actively listening and being receptive to your follower’s feedback on your new look. After all, you’re mostly re-branding in order to improve engagement with your audience. 

If your new look isn’t working for the majority of your audience, don’t fret! It may take you a bit more time to find the right aesthetic, but at least you know that more changes have to be made. 

Customers appreciate when their concerns and voices are heard. It lets them feel like they are valued and integral parts of your business model — which they are! 

Take a look at the comments on your post, or maybe consider creating a poll or online suggestion box in which audience members can leave their thoughts and opinions. 

You may get a few duds, but you may also receive some crusturtive criticism that helps you grow a better business. 

Thanks for reading and happy re-branding!


19 May 2021


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