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In today’s fast-paced world, social media has become a crucial tool for businesses to reach and engage with their target audience. So we’ve built a list of Instagram Reels ideas for restaurants.

With short-form videos being the most consumed piece of media in recent years, it’s important to double down on platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

Restaurants are no exception. In fact, social media marketing can be a game-changer for restaurants, helping them increase brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and drive sales.

Social Media is an incredible tool for businesses to showcase their product offering, and in the case of restaurants, their venue and services.

There are plenty of different things restaurants can do with their marketing to put asses in seats. First, let’s take a peek at the benefits of properly using social media as a tool for success, and secondly, we’ll look at one of the best features to use: Instagram REELs and short form video content.

Why should restaurants rely on Social Media? 

Right before we dive into the good stuff, we want to lay the foundation of why we think restaurants should invest in their social media marketing.

A tool that when mastered, can have incredible benefits for businesses that are unquestionably playing in a very competitive space.

To illustrate that point, the city of Montreal, which is where we find ourselves in, has the highest number of restaurants per Capita in Canada at approximately 5,000. That’s a big pond. If you’re not a big fish, you’ll want to be crafty and use the resources at your disposal to catch the attention of as many people as possible.

Here are some of the top-line reasons why you should use social media:

Reach a wider audience with Social Media

Social media platforms have billions of active users, providing restaurants with a massive audience to reach and engage with. This can help restaurants to increase their visibility and attract new customers who may not have heard of them otherwise.

Showcase your Restaurants Menu and Offerings

Social media allows restaurants to showcase their menu and offerings in an engaging and visually appealing way. This is all part of your restaurant branding! the better you present your brand, the more likely people will interact with your content and come see the real thing.

This can help build excitement and anticipation for customers, leading to increased foot traffic and sales.

Foster Customer Engagement

Social media provides a direct line of communication between restaurants and their customers. This allows restaurants to receive direct feedback and respond to customer inquiries in real-time, fostering a positive relationship with their customer base.

Individuals will be more likely to go to restaurants where they feel welcome and appreciated.

Drive Customer Loyalty for your brand

By regularly posting and engaging with their audience on social media, restaurants can create a sense of community and build customer loyalty. This can lead to repeat business, positive word-of-mouth referrals and content sharing amongst users.

Monitor Reputation and Manage Crisis

Social media also provides a platform for customers to share their experiences and opinions about restaurants. By monitoring their social media channels, restaurants can quickly address any negative feedback or address any crisis that may arise, preserving their reputation and maintaining customer trust.

Better Brand Awareness

Instagram Reels and short form videos allow restaurants to showcase their brand personality and values, helping to build brand awareness and customer loyalty. This kind of content is a great compliment to feed posts and help further push your branding.

Increased Sales for your Restaurant

By showcasing their menu items, special events and promotions, restaurants can entice followers to visit their establishment and increase revenue. Good content and proactive community management is a winning recipe to get people from behind their phones and into your restaurant. If they know about you, they’ll be more likely to come see you.

Better Customer Insights with Social Media

Through Instagram Insights, restaurants can track engagement with their Reels and short form videos, gaining valuable insights into what content resonates best with their audience. That information is also pertinent to menu items.

You’ll be able to adapt your product offering based on the feedback you’ll be getting from your social media. For instance: “this place has the best fries” is an opportunity to double down on marketing the best fries in town.

Cost-Effective Marketing through Instagram Reels

Social Media is free. The only investment you’ll be making towards it is time. Which means that Instagram Reels and short form videos are a cost-effective way to reach a large audience and drive sales, compared to traditional advertising methods.

You can always run contests and giveaways, launch ads or invest in photography for your business, but you can do a lot with a nice space, and a smartphone.

Now let’s dive into why we’re really here. We’re going to talk about today’s social media money maker: Instagram REELs and short form video content.

By using Instagram Reels and short form videos, restaurants can reach, engage and connect with their audience, drive foot traffic and increase revenue. These features are an essential tool for any restaurant looking to grow their business on Instagram.

What kind of REELs should you be posting as a Restaurant?

Increased Reach and Engagement: Instagram Reels and short form videos allow restaurants to reach a larger and more diverse audience, and increase engagement with their followers.

These types of content are more engaging than traditional still images or text-based posts. Instagram REELs enable businesses to add a layer of personality to their social media marketing strategy, depending on the approach they take with their strategy.

Some restaurants have done really well with this feature thanks to the uniqueness of their content.

In our opinion these are some of the best Instagram Reels Ideas for Restaurants:

1. Behind the scenes: great content for Instagram Reels

Give followers a sneak peek of the kitchen, cooking process, and the atmosphere of the restaurant. Posting behind the scenes content is a great way to give your audience an in depth look at your space and staff.

This type of content helps build a personal connection with your audience and showcases the hard work that goes into creating each dish. Relying on viral trending sounds and videos will benefit your strategy.

2. Menu highlights presented through Reels

Create reels showcasing your restaurant’s most popular dishes or new menu items. Use appealing visuals, mouth-watering sounds, and clear captions to entice followers to come and try your food.

Restaurant marketing has become a lot about the aesthetic and how you present yourself. Make sure to take high quality content that will make people want to try your food and drinks.

3. Customer experiences through short form videos

Share customer reviews, testimonials, or dining experiences. This type of content helps build credibility and provides social proof to prospective diners. Positive feedback from clients or other members of your audience is something that people will rely on to gauge the quality of your establishment.

4. Food and drink tutorials are great Instagram Reels ideas for restaurants

Teach followers how to make a signature dish or cocktail. This type of content not only provides value but also helps build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

People will appreciate the effort that is put into it, and if this is an item you’re popular for, will give people the opportunity to recreate them. Just as long as theirs isn’t as good as the real thing, then they’ll keep coming.

5. Special events and promotions

Highlight any special events or promotions that you are offering. Use eye-catching visuals and clear call-to-actions to encourage followers to come and try your restaurant.

These types of reels can help drive foot traffic to your business and increase revenue. Individuals will see this as an opportunity to finally try that place they’ve always wanted to go to. If you’re famous for your oysters, have a 1$ oyster evening to drive seafood lovers to your restaurant.


By using Instagram Reels and short form videos, restaurants can reach, engage and connect with their audience, drive foot traffic and increase revenue.

These features are an essential tool for any restaurant looking to grow their business on Instagram. It’s cost effective, can give an inside look into your business, manage customer feedback, communicate with your audience, and promote your product offering. It’s a tool that if used properly, can provide an incredible change for you business.

In conclusion, social media marketing is an important asset for restaurants. By leveraging the power of social media, short form videos and following the best Instagram Reels ideas for restaurants can take their marketing efforts to the next level and grow their business.

Take these notes to the bank, and we’re positive that the content you’ll create will do nothing but good things for your restaurant! If you found this useful, let us know, and slide us your information so we can come try out your spot!

If it’s a little too daunting, we’d be happy to give you a hand.

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