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Ways to Have More Likeable Posts

Anne-Sophie Blais

Social media is more powerful than ever. Just as an example, the latest figures show that Facebook alone has over 1.2 billion users worldwide ! In such a huge online universe, it then is a given for users to be constantly bombarded with content. As such, it can be quite a challenge to get their attention and keep them interested in your content.

Ways to Have More Likeable Posts

This doesn’t mean you can’t be successful on social media ! Companies with a clear strategy are able to create amazing content and as such develop strong relationships with their audiences. How do they do it? By creating targeted content that resonates with their audience by truly understanding their needs. If you too want to achieve this close relation with your consumers and followers, then this article is for you. Here are Casa‘s of best tips and tricks that will help you have more likeable posts. 

Value Content that Prioritizes Quality Over Quantity

Before diving into our list of tips, one crucial detail remains the key : you must create content that provides value to your followers and other social media users. Don’t be afraid to change things up!

You can have posts that are unique and original, while still staying relevant to the products and services you are trying to offer. Spending more time curating your content might reduce your number of posts a bit, but you’ll gain a long-standing audience (and reputation)!

Jake Robitaille, Casa’s Marketing Director, says it best : “Creating content that is engaging comes down to two things: understanding your audience and offering value. If you focus on quality content over quantity, you will be able to provide more value to your audiences lives, and to offer said value, you must know what sets your audience apart and the best ways to communicate with them.” This leads perfectly into our first tip, which is…

Be Real

Online posts with a “human component” are more well liked than any other type of posts. People want to know the humans behind the brand, they want to see authenticity and emotions.

Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart and show truly behind-the-scenes of your company, products, etc. This makes you more relatable, and people are curious! They’ll love to feel like they know and understand your company better by having access to these glimpses.

Use Unique, Catchy Hashtags

Using hashtags is oftentimes the key to being discovered by people who will find your content relevant and like it. The key, however, is not just to slap as many popular hashtags as possible on your posts ! This will be ineffective when it comes to standing out in a sea of popular content. Whats worst, it can also make you look unaware of how social media works (the horror!)… It can even make your brand look disingenuous and only interested in likes. These are the dos and don’ts to keep in mind when using hashtags on your content :

  1. Use relevant hashtags to your content, but make sure it isn’t too niche. You want to be specific but not too specific, otherwise you will be hard to find ! 
  2. Do not string too many words together. You want a short and sweet hashtag that’s easy to remember. 
  3. Do not use too many hashtags! This makes your content less focused and less likely to find the right target audience. Your posts can also look almost spammy. 
  4. Use a distinct hashtag for contests (or any other type of special content) and encourage your audience to use them to participate !

Post During Off Hours

Some will tell you to post only during popular social-media-consumption hours, but we disagree ! When social media traffic is at its peak, other brands will also try to catch the attention of consumers. You’ll then be forced to enter a competition with all the companies who are also posting at the same time. You guessed it, this makes the chances of your post getting lost in that tsunami of content skyrocket. At Casa, we believe you have better chances at standing out if you post during “off hours”. That way, you won’t have to compete for the attention of your audience. They’ll be browsing at that time and see you, or they’ll see you first when they get back on their social media during peak hours (because your content will already be posted and waiting for them).

Make Use of Eye-Pleasing Visuals

This tip is quite self-explanatory : after all, for people to like your posts, they need first and foremost to like what they see ! When it comes to online browsing, your audience needs to find your content very aesthetically pleasing to interact with it. For that reason, spending that extra time on your visuals can truly make a world of difference when it comes to catching their attention.

Don’t Be Too Salesy

However, be careful about not coming across too salesy. By that, we mean that your posts shouldn’t all be about your products and current sales, for example. This would make your brand look less real and approachable and more desperate, which can actually put off your audience from buying. No one likes feeling like a product is shoved down their throat, and the likes of your posts will reflect that if you take this approach ! Gabby Gramentz, our community manager, gives us an example : “ One of our clients is Rootology, an herbal supplement. Instead of only posting the product, we also incorporate posts about yoga, meditation, natural recipes, and tips on health! “

Post Pictures of Your Clients

Always in the spirit of making your brand appear more approachable and authentic, be sure to include your clients in your content ! It can be as simple as showing them testing out your services or products, or a simple post to thank them for following you on social media. This builds a rapport between your company and its customers and encourages loyalty from them. They are more likely to view your brand in a positive light and therefore want to interact with your content if you use it to let them know how much you appreciate them ! Jade Macdonald, our incredible social media manager, shares her perspective : “ In my experience, managing accounts that earn a lot of user generated content (UGC), reposting tagged photos makes your customers feel special – as they get to be featured on your social platform(s). Showing appreciation for your clientele in this form also encourages more people to post photos of your product and tag your accounts, increasing overall brand visibility and reach.”

Ask Questions in Your Posts

Another tip to encourage your audience to interact with your content : don’t be afraid to ask them questions ! It can be an open-ended question leading to discourse in your comments, asking their opinion on your products or a simple funny little query, the options are truly endless. This will make your brand feel more personable, real and interested in its audience. By feeling heard, they in return will be more likely to keep on interacting with your brand as a whole and stay loyal to you.

Avoid Negativity

Without forcing a false sense of optimism that could feel disingenuous, do still try to stay mostly positive in your content. That means having a light approach with your posts while staying true to your brand. Online consumers want to have a nice and simple experience. A brand that keeps posting negative content will only push its audience away by making them associate it with being heavy and unenjoyable.

Own Up to Mistakes and Apologize When Necessary

That being said, making mistakes is human and sometimes inevitable ! If it happens with your brand, make sure to address the issue up front on social media. By doing this, you will, first of all, increase your chances of resolving the problem. However and almost as importantly, you will also be perceived as a brand that is professional, caring and eager to learn and improve, which is always a good look in the eyes of consumers !

Post About Your Products

When posting on social media, one of the main goals for most companies is to show their offer to their target audience, and you might be the same. If that is the case, then show them everything that is to do with your products/offer. It can be what it is, how to use it, the fabrication process behind it… There are so many ways to present what you sell in an original way that will incite your consumers to make purchases !

Use a Call to Action (CTA)

This tip ties in perfectly with the precedent one : while showcasing your products, encourage your customers directly to interact with your brand. Whether it is to share their point of view on your products or to inspire them to purchase one of your services, using a good and straight forward call to action can really make a big difference. That is especially true for indecisive customers who just need that little push to make a move.


Following these tips and tricks is essential when it comes to making a good impression on social media. Because having likeable posts is a sure-fire way to gain more attention from online customers, it will then drive more traffic to your business. 

We hope you’ll find these tips useful, and we can’t wait to see the impactful and targeted content you’ll create. Happy posting !


06 February 2023


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