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Tips to Maximize Your Brand’s Twitter Potential

Gabby Gramentz

Here’s why Twitter may just be the marketing tool you need.

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Regardless of how long you have been using Twitter, you might be able to make use of some of these inside tips to maximize your brand’s Twitter potential.

As the world of social media continues to expand, you’ll notice brands’ advertising strategies continue to adapt. We continually see brands working to grow their presence across newer social media, but it’s important they pay attention to platforms that have been around for a longer period of time as well. Twitter is such a versatile platform that, if used correctly, can work to expand your brand’s audience.

What is Twitter, and Why is it Beneficial to Your Brand?

Whether it’s keeping up with the latest news in politics, fashion, celebrities, or weather, Twitter is a steady powerhouse among social media platforms. 

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, you may want to consider making use of it. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that allows users to keep up with just about anything going on in the world, instantly. Users post messages no longer than 280 characters, known as tweets, for others to engage with. Similar to tweeting, you are also able to re-tweet. This means you are able to share another user’s post to your page. One of the most significant aspects of Twitter is the ability to quickly discover and engage with an endless variety of content.

From the beginning, Twitter proved to be a widely successful social networking platform. It provides individuals and businesses valuable access to millions of other users across the world. While other social media platforms, like Instagram, may have more users, Twitter has an extremely active and involved audience. It also allows users to easily engage with their audience by replying and re-tweeting posts.

Twitter rose to its social media popularity around 2009 and became a useful branding platform in 2010 when it unveiled the ability to promote tweets. Why should you consider using Twitter for your brand? Let me show you!

Form a Community For Your Brand

Forming a community for your brand is one of the best ways to grow. A brand’s community is an audience that actively showcases their loyalty by purchasing your brand’s services or goods, engaging with shared content, and sharing your brand’s information with their followers. 

With nearly 330 million users, there is no denying Twitter’s popularity. While not all of those users may fall under your target audience, many potential clients are just waiting to find you. 

Twitter is a quick, simple and personal way of connecting with others online. It gives you the ability to tweet, comment, re-tweet, and interact with a continuous stream of content. There are endless opportunities for your brand. When we interact with other active users, we form connections and relationships and shape an overall opinion of one another’s personalities. 

As a consumer, there is nothing better than an active brand on social media. Twitter is the perfect platform for brands to form relationships with their audience. You are able to rapidly respond, share and engage with your target audience. 

Engaging with your audience also gives you the potential to show up on the feeds of other users who do not follow you. If you leave an intriguing or creative comment, it has the potential to draw in new members.

Rapid Feedback

Any successful community relies on communication. One of the greatest benefits of Twitter is the ability to quickly and directly communicate with your audience. Both customers and potential customers are able to directly reach out to your brand in numerous ways.

Twitter allows consumers to easily reach out to brands with feedback, concerns, or questions. Whether they contact you through direct messages or your comment section, it is important to do everything you can to acknowledge them. This will be beneficial to both your brand and its audience. If the customer is recognized and assisted, they will have a positive association with your brand. They will likely be inclined to trust you, recommend you and remain a customer. This also gives you valuable feedback on your brand and its product or service. If anything needs to be improved, this will allow you to receive feedback and offer assistance.

Brand Personality

Another way Twitter allows you to connect with your audience is by showcasing your brand’s personality. How you format and word your tweets affects how your brand’s personality is portrayed. 

If you have not already established a personality for your brand, you should. The personality of your brand has a strong impact on the audience drawn in by your content. Consider the language, images, and accounts you interact with as they all shape your personality. Make sure each tweet aligns with your brand’s personality, and engage with accounts that share similar content. 

It is important to keep a consistent personality so that customers are able to have a clear understanding It is important to keep a consistent personality so that customers are able to have a clear understanding of your brand, who you are, and what you represent. By doing so, you will grow a steady and loyal community on Twitter. Whenever you share anything, you must keep in mind how it will affect the personality of your brand.

Believe it or not, tweets often appear in Google’s search results. That means that searching for anything on Google, can result in displaying Twitter posts. Obviously, they will be relevant to whatever is being searched, but this gives your brand more potential to be noticed and interacted with. 

If your Twitter account or post appears on a Google search, your brand has the potential to gain visibility, customers, and following. It is important to get your account all polished up so that if you are discovered through a Google search, viewers are able to gain an understanding of what it is your brand has to offer.

Where to Begin?

Picture Perfect

Running an account that is clean, organized, and consistent is extremely important when it comes to branding. It all begins with pictures!

On Twitter, you have a profile and cover image. Make sure they are cohesive, representing your brand and your brand’s personality. They should be clear images, not blurry, and they should be easily recognizable. If your brand has other social media accounts, I recommend keeping your profile image consistent among them all. That way there is no confusion about whether it is you.

It is also important to set a bio. Similar to the profile and cover photo, this needs to clearly portray your brand. Remember this is the first impression viewers will have of your brand. Keep it concise, and share what you do, what you offer, or anything that could be of value to the consumer. 

Engage, Engage, and Some Customer Service

Like I said before, Twitter allows you to easily interact with your customers. This is one of the best ways to maximize your brand’s Twitter potential. 

When customers offer you feedback on your product or service, make a note of what was said. If one person has an opinion or feeling, it is likely there are others who feel the same. There’s always room for improvement. Use this information to learn what you can do to become a stronger brand. It is also important to respond to concerns or questions. Staying on top of responses is important to gain a respected reputation across the platform. 

Not only should you respond to your audience, but you should also make sure to stay on top of community management. Engaging with the community is a good way to strengthen your brand’s reputation and introduce your brand to new users.

Determine Your Brand

Rather than simply focusing on what your brand offers, think about WHAT your brand is. 

You’re probably thinking, ‘What do seats have to do with Twitter?’ Think of the green chairs as competing brands. What does your brand have to offer that will allow you to be the yellow seat in a stadium full of green?

What is your brand’s mission, goal, or vision? Its personality? What’s does your brand want to be known for? What does your brand value? How do you stand from competitors? Consider how your brand is unique and roll with it. Share content that best represents who you are and what you hope to achieve.

While follower growth may be slow, it’s real. We often assume that an account’s following should be rapidly growing, but it takes time. Rather than gaining numerous followers that never interact with your content or purchase your brand’s offerings, you would much rather have a loyal and engaging follower base. Quality over quantity.

Actually Use Twitter

According to Sprout Social, Twitter is one of the top platforms for brands to market their products. Twitter users even noted that they hope to see more content from brands on Twitter.

When determining a Twitter strategy, make sure to evaluate the best posting times, and which of your content performs well. If a tweet does not receive as much engagement as normal, consider changing the strategy. If a post does better than normal, determine ways you are able to continue incorporating that strategy into future posts.

It is also important to remain consistent with your posting schedule. Routinely check in on your account and make sure that nothing is left unnoticed. Make sure to keep content rolling out regularly, whether it’s weekly, daily, or anything in between. Leaving an account untouched may result in your audience unfollowing, or turning to a competitor.

Don’t Stress, We’ve Got Your Back

Certain social media platforms aren’t always the right fit for some brands, but Twitter is a unique way to reach a large audience. Don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed, we would be happy to help. Here at Casa Media, we love working with various companies to help them succeed on social media platforms. If you need that extra help to maximize your brand’s Twitter potential, we’d be happy to help. Reach out to us here.


13 April 2022


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