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Indeed, it allows you to share your brand and everything behind it with the world, in the hope of finding “your people”. However, having the world at your fingertips (literally) can sometimes come with a downside. With so many scrolling, posting and chatting away on the app, how can you make your voice heard effectively? That’s all up to the Instagram algorithm, which determines who sees what, and when.  It might seem like it would take rocket science to understand it, but luckily, it’s not the case and you can use it to your advantage. In this article, Casa shares tips and tricks that will help you master the Instagram algorithm and catch the eyes of your desired audience.

High Quality Content Screams a High Quality Brand

Instagram is like scrapbooking : it’s a visual platform that shows morsels of who you are, and what you do. 

The same way you would carefully choose the pictures you would use in your collage, you need to expertly curate the content you share on your account. 

This means using high-quality photos and videos and making the most of the editing tools that are available to you. 

You should also ensure that you have well-written, straightforward and optimized captions to accompany your posts. This will help you increase your search visibility with social media users. 

We also know reels are where it’s at right now, and that the algorithm particularly likes pushing them to the forefront. Here are a few tricks that can help you boost the views and engagement on your next reels.

  • DO: Film vertical videos, this will fit with the formatting of the app, whereas horizontal videos might look awkward and out of place. Aim for 16×9 videos, with no black borders.
  • DO: Use trending audios, which will help you stay in touch with the times and easy to find for your audience. To discover the current trending sounds, you can visit the @creators account which lists all of them consistently.
  • DON’T: Use CapCut or show a TikTok watermark on your videos, Instagram has a jealous tendency and won’t push your reels to as many viewers. Instead, edit your content in the app and watch as it reaches new audiences quickly!

Make Consistency Your Bestie

Posting quality content is great, but posting it regularly and at the right time is even better! 

The Instagram algorithm particularly favours creators who post every day. However, don’t overdo it!! Aim for once a day, no more, no less, or you are at risk of harming your engagement rate. In other words, you might be seen as annoying or desperate, and we don’t want that! 

As for choosing the right time to post, get to know your audience and their habits. You’ll then be quickly able to determine when they have free time in their day and are probably scrolling on the app. This will be your perfect timing to post.

For example, if your clients are mostly young professionals who work a 9 to 5, your ideal timing would be during their morning commute, at lunch time, or after dinner.

Hashtags Will Always be in (When They Are Understated)

We know hashtags can feel 2000-late and borderline embarrassing to use, but they can be your best ally when used correctly. 

Instead of plastering a wall worth of irrelevant words under your caption, pick specific ones that relate to your content. 

This will help you reach a broader audience that is truly interested in what you have to offer, instead of the dreaded bots accounts (Rate me, anyone?). 

As a rule of thumb, choose about 3 to 5 hashtags maximum on each post. 

Say it With Us: an Engaging Account Engages With its Followers

Nobody likes it when they feel like they are pandered to only for their money. You have to put a little effort in when it comes to building a relationship with your followers. 

Trust us, you will be rewarded : a loyal following on social media is worth everything if you want to stay relevant online. 

Be approachable and authentic, and answer DM’s, mentions and comments as soon as you can. 

For example, we recommend staying active after you post just so you can reply to all the comments that will start pouring in. 

You can also engage with your followers’ content and similar accounts to your one by liking and commenting on their posts. 

More than just a following, this will help you build a strong following online. Soon, you and your audience will become two peas in an online pod!

User-Generated Content Generates a Bigger Audience

In the same vein as the previous tip, make your audience feel heard by not only interacting with their content, but sharing it! 

It shows that you see them, that you value their opinion and that you want to build a bond with them. 

An audience that feels appreciated is quick to show their appreciation in return! 

Moreover, sharing their content is very productive : it helps you target a wider audience, without having to create more content of your own. 

Just make sure you are ALWAYS crediting the original creator – it is the golden social media etiquette rule.

An example of user-generated content that could be shared by Rootology on its social media platforms

Cut Your Day Up in Stories

Quick, easy, efficient : that’s the potential of Instagram stories for you. These unpretentious snapshots of your day are a great way to engage with your followers as well as reaching a wider audience. 

To encourage engagement over silent viewing, make sure to use Call to Actions with features such as polls, ask me a question, etc. 

We also recommend posting 6 stories a day. We know, this might seem like a lot! But that’s how you can stay top of mind when it comes to your online presence. 

You could post two in the morning, two midday and two at night… or whatever else combo you feel like! 

Just don’t post them all at once, or it is going to defeat the purpose of staying omnipresent in your followers’ feeds.

Get Verified

Acquiring a check mark can help you stand apart as a trustworthy and reputable brand, it doesn’t cost a cent, and helps you navigate the Instagram algorithm with more ease.

It seems silly, but that notable blue tick reassures your followers that you are exactly who you say you are, and attests to your reputation. Here’s how to apply. Best of luck on getting that prized badge, we know you deserve it.

Bottom line is, to win over the Instagram algorithm, you need to put the time, the effort and the love in. There’s no other way around it! 

We guarantee that by following Casa’s Tips, you will see an increase in your reach, engagement rate, and overall, in your success on Instagram.

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