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Benefits of Content Marketing

Gabby Gramentz

Learn about Content Marketing and the impact it can have on your brand.

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What is content marketing, and why is it important? Let’s dive in and learn more about some benefits of content marketing.

We are all aware of advertisements. I mean, we see enough of them, right? We all recognize those ads you watch to earn an extra life in your phone game or those stalling us from a Youtube video, but some advertisements are harder to identify.

Believe it or not, the most effective advertisements are not manufactured. Today, word-of-mouth advertising is considered one of the greatest forms of advertisement. That being said, you want to give your audience something to talk about. What might that be, you ask? Content marketing.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating and distributing content across social platforms. When done effectively, a brand can showcase its expertise to current and potential customers.

If you have ever read a blog post, listened to a podcast, subscribed to emails, or watched an informational video, you may have engaged in content marketing. A brand provided the content you searched for and, hopefully, shared valuable information on that topic.

Content marketing is not only a way to share relevant information with your target audience, it is also a way to showcase your brand. By providing viewers with the industry knowledge they search for, you also advertise your brand’s expertise in the area. Often it is a subtle way to promote your brand but rest assured, this promotion is more influential than you may think.

What are the Benefits of Content Marketing?


Content marketing is a way to market your brand without blatant advertising. This may seem like a contradiction, but it isn’t. Content marketing allows a brand to subtly promote any industry or internal knowledge to its target audience.

Think of it like this: you’re looking for a new veterinarian to take your cat to. After looking for a long time, you have narrowed it down to two final locations. Option A is in a convenient location, but the website is hard to navigate. Option B is further from your house but has an online blog with numerous articles about pet healthcare. You would likely decide to go with Option B, as it showcases its knowledge, dedication, and expertise within the veterinary industry. 

The key to becoming a brand that everyone in the world admires is transparency. Content marketing adds context and allows your audience to form a greater understanding of whatever it is you showcase.

Have you ever heard someone say, ‘I didn’t like how much they know about their work?’ The answer is, or at least should be, no. Allowing viewers to understand your offerings, skillset, and overall mechanics is beneficial to your brand and the audience.

Competitive Advantage

Content marketing has two primary focuses, showcasing knowledge and increasing sales. Your brand has the potential to level up within its industry. If you are able to detail and showcase the knowledge needed for industry success, you will be more inclined to gain respect from potential customers.

Think back to an essay exam in school. To the teachers, it was apparent who knew the material and who did not. Like an essay, it is crucial to be versed in exactly what it is you’re describing for content marketing. When you are publishing content for the face of your brand, it is important to be aware that this may be a potential customer’s first impression of the brand. This is why it’s so crucial to make each impression count. 

Sharing professional content, knowledge and other relevant information allows your brand to gain an advantage over others. Make sure to fully examine each piece of content before uploading it, you never know who could become the next customer. 

Customer Loyalties

Showing off your professional insight forms a sense of trust between your brand and the viewers. Think back to the veterinarian example. Would you trust someone who has the documentation to prove their capabilities, or would you trust someone who is more reserved and mysterious? Again, I think we would all choose whoever appears more transparent and knowledgeable. 

Content marketing also allows you to share new discoveries or ideas with your audience. Maybe you learn numerous Instagram hacks, or discover a platform that makes it easier to accomplish your goals. Even though you may believe these are minute features to anyone other than yourself, think again. This openness and transparency towards viewers is what forms loyalties, and is likely what gives you a competitive advantage. Giving your audience an inside look at how your brand operates, the ideas it generates and the personality it radiates is how to benefit from content marketing.

To be successful, the content must leave an impression of expertise. The audience should have a clear understanding of the content shared, your brand’s knowledge and why they should choose you.

What to Keep in Mind When Creating Content

Your Brand

This may seem self-explanatory as the whole strategy is to market your brand, but it’s not always so obvious.

Make sure to address topics that are significant to your brand and the target audience you hope to attract. There is so much in this world available to share, but you must narrow the scope to a specific industry. It wouldn’t make sense to talk about something that you don’t offer.

It is always a good idea to incorporate ways you, or your brand, have accomplished what it is you’re publishing. If you can share examples demonstrating your expertise in the subject matter, your brand will be positively portrayed.  

On the other hand, sloppy content will have a negative effect on your brand. If you are willing to put out muddled content for your own brand, who knows what you would do for customers? Take a second look and consider, ‘Is this how I want to represent my brand?’ If the answer is anything other than yes, the content shouldn’t be published.

Relevant Information

It is also important that you keep content marketing relevant. This world is constantly evolving and so should your content. Refrain from sharing information that was popular back in 2008, or how things ‘used to be.’ Your audience wants to know about the now. 

Another good reminder is to keep your content cohesive with your brand. You wouldn’t advertise something you don’t offer, do you? You aren’t going to write content that doesn’t resemble your brand or its skills. Narrow your content down to the brand’s industry, but get creative. 

I’m loving these examples, here’s another. If you run an Etsy shop, you could write a content marketing blog. Since you are in the crafting industry, keep your content relevant to that. You could share DIY projects, new crafting techniques, your favorite tools, ways to decorate, etc. Keeping your content in the same general direction is important, but in no way is it boring. 

Everything is evolving, so make sure to have an observant eye throughout your day-to-day life. There are always new ideas and inspirations to use for content.

Brand Personality

Content marketing is also a great way for your brand to share its personality with the audience. The way in which your content is consumed is how your personality is revealed. 

It is important to remain professional as you likely want to be taken seriously, but there are ways to get your point across with some added personality. If you are quirky or comedic, add some jokes, phrases, or images that fit with your message. If you are serious or reserved, different graphics and phrases may be more suitable.

Consider what type of audience you hope to reach, and form a personality that would best suit them.


The last piece to keep in mind when content marketing is consistency. Spread out your posts evenly, maintaining an organized schedule. An audience is more inclined to follow along when content is consistently being shared. 

It’s a good idea to form a schedule. Realistically consider how to spread content out and factor in the amount of time it takes to create content, and how much available time you have to construct it. 

Your personality should also be consistent. If the content sounds amicable once and serious the next, it can lead to confusion and a misconception of your brand. Be sure to maintain the same inner voice while constructing each piece of content.  

Casa Media is Always Here For You.

No matter your brand, content marketing can be extremely beneficial. It gives an insider’s scoop on industry knowledge. It is important to showcase your brand’s expertise, personality and skills to its audience. 

Content marketing may seem overwhelming, but that shouldn’t hold you back. Here at Casa Media we are always willing to take on the challenge. If you are interested in content marketing or have any questions, reach out to us here


05 April 2022


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