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Loop Industries

Social media management


Bloc Shop

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Plush and Oak

Plush + Oak Social Media

Social media management

Manly Bands

Manly Bands

Social media management

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Social media management

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Federico Kobrak LEVOYA

It's been a pleasure to work with Casa! Dorian and Jake have been very reactive and professional, and completed our project in record time, within budget and with great quality. Highly recommend!

Benoît Lopez Jardins de l'Écoumène

Over the last 7 years we've collaborated on almost a dozen projects with Casa. Dorian has an amazing approach, it's efficient, friendly, and most of all offers great results. Notably in terms of achieving ROI and execution at a fast turnover rate. Casa is a wonderful team that I highly recommend!

Sabrina Leroux Just for Laughs

"Creative, professional and attentive team that you can fully trust. Very high quality work. Casa knows how to adapt for small and large projects, I highly recommend them!"

Isabelle Desmarais Zoofest

"Their availability, joie de vivre, and eagerness to improve upon their work sets them apart."

Garrett Gotlieb PumpUp

"We got our first profitable month with Casa, and we’re really excited about that."

Ariel Cohen Lilly Red Academy

Casa have been awesome in helping us to grow our business! They’ve been super attentive and provided expert knowledge. Looking forward to continue working with them into the future.

NXI Lab Design

"We were incredibly pleased with their reactivity, professionalism, determination and involvement. Very impressive for such a young company."

About us

As our name suggests, Casa's driven purpose is to make any client feel at home. We pride ourselves on the quality of our digital marketing services, and the creative solutions we offer. We will work closely to provide you with the highest quality of work to make any project come to life. We only ask you take your shoes off before coming in.

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