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What is Product Type in Google Shopping?

Nina De Winter

Although Google Shopping may not be new to you, it is possible that you don’t know its function ‘product type’ yet. No worries, we are here to tell you everything about it and how it can be useful for your business.

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What is the Product Type feature in Google Shopping?

The product type feature used on Google Shopping gives online vendors the possibility to categorize their products, so that they are more easily found by potential clients.

Another advantage of the product type attribute is that it allows Google to get a better understanding of a product’s category and subcategory. 

For instance, if you own a pet store that specializes in selling cat and dog related products, classifying cat products can be done in the following manner: Pet supplies > Cat supplies > Cat toys > Interactive toys.

By assigning product type to an interactive cat toy and organizing the hierarchy of categories as mentioned above, it is more likely that your interactive cat toy will be shown to shoppers specifically looking for it. 

Ultimately, this tool has the potential to boost your business’ online sales and visibility. Since it is straightforward and powerful, we recommend using it.

Where can I find the Product Type feature in Google Shopping?

The answer lies in the question. Since Google product type is an attribute used on Google Shopping, that is where the feature can be found. However, one can also find it via the Google Merchant Center.

Here is how to find it on Google Shopping:

  1. Find your Google Shopping Campaign via your Google Ads account
  2. Look for the ‘Listing Groups’ section and click on it 
  3. Click on the pencil icon next to ‘All Products’ 
  4. Make sure that the products are subdivided by ‘Product Type’
  5. You can now edit subdivisions and select or deselect various product types

Or if you want to locate it via the Google Merchant Center:

  1. Visit the Google Merchant Center website and sign in
  2. Click on ‘Products’ in the left menu > All Products
  3. Click on the product for which you’d like to see the product type
  4. In the ‘Product Data’ section, scroll down to the ‘Product Type’ section to see the current product type that Google has assigned to it

Difference between Google Product Category and Product Type

The main similarity between the Google product category and product type is that both are tools used on Google Shopping, with the common purpose of sorting products.

We have highlighted the most important differences to take into account.


Google requires one, the other is optional.

The Google product category is a compulsory field that indicates the principal category your product belongs to. Google supplies this predetermined classification and it is based on a standardized taxonomy.

Nevertheless, the product type is completely optional and allows merchants to come up with their own custom classification structure

Therefore, not all businesses use the product type, but it comes in handy for those looking to improve their online findability.


The second distinction lies in the attribute’s structure. 

The character of the Google product category is hierarchical, allowing for more precision and specifics as the levels change. 

Although one could say the same for the product type, this tool offers vendors the freedom to choose how many layers they want in their category structure. It can be as complex or easy as they want.


Finally, the product category assists Google in the process of understanding the nature of a business’ products through insights. Also, it enables your products to be placed in the most significant categories on Google Shopping.

Google product type is beneficial for you as a merchant to create your own, customized product classifications. This way, your products are more organized and it is easier to target potentially interested consumers.

How to add Product Type to your Google Shopping feed

If you fear the challenge of using the product type feature, don’t worry! We have got your back and will lead you through the different steps. You’ll see that it is easier than you think.

Here are a few guidelines that you can follow:

  1. Go to the Google Merchant Center
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click in the ‘Products’ tab on the left side of the screen
  4. Select the product you want to add a product type to
  5. Scroll down to the ‘Product Data’ section and click on ‘Edit’
  6. Find the ‘Google Product Category’ field and click on the dropdown menu
  7. Select the category that best describes your product
  8. Once you select this category, the product type field appears 
  9. Enter the product type that best describes your product
  10. Click on save to apply changes

And that’s it… Not as hard as you thought, right?

Google Shopping best practices

Before we leave you to play around with the product type feature, let’s take a look at some best practices of Google Shopping that could inspire you.

ECCO Shoes

To begin with, there’s the case study of ECCO Shoes, the shoe retailer wanting to be more visible online and to decrease its online customer acquisition cost.

Before, they were already running search ads. Yet, it was developing a Google Shopping campaign that assisted them in achieving their goals. 

Ultimately, their results were the following after using Google Shopping:

  • Increase conversion rate by 28%
  • Augment new visitors by 24%
  • Lower conversion costs by 14%
  • Lift average order value by 38%

Empire Covers

Empire Covers is a business that specializes in selling protective covers for all types of vehicles – going from cars to boats and motorcycles.

Although they were already launching ads on Google, they didn’t obtain any significant results until the beginning of their Google Shopping Campaigns. 

The main advantage of Google Shopping for this specific company is that it allowed people to have a better idea of the various covers, and that it enabled comparison as well.

Eventually, their Google Shopping campaigns resulted in a decrease in conversion cost of 36% and a decrease in cost per click of 11%.


You may think that this article was short and sweet, but the same goes for the product type feature on Google Shopping: it is a small feature to include that can have major consequences for your business.

If you’re interested in running advertising campaigns but don’t know how to start, our team at Casa Media is only a message away!

Need help with your advertising strategy?

Casa is here for you!



17 May 2023


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