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How to Exclude Products from Google Shopping

Nina De Winter

Now that you are aware of what the product type feature in Google Shopping implies, it is convenient to know how to exclude products from Google Shopping. Casa Media is here to assist you by providing you with a quick tutorial.

Google Shopping is commonly used by brands to advertise products on Google.

Although it is a convenient channel for companies, in some cases it is better to remove products from Google Shopping.

In this article, we touch upon these situations and guide you through the exclusion of products.

What does it mean to remove your products?

Following SEO guidelines, it is smart to exclude some products from the list of products you want to display on Google. 

It is a good strategy to filter out certain products so your Google search rank can be improved. Moreover, as a business, your goal is to show the most relevant products to potential clients. Not the ones that perform less.

If you decide to remove certain products from your product range on Google Shopping, the algorithm will no longer present these products in Google’s shopping search results or ads. 

Online shoppers will no longer be able to find your products through this channel.

Reasons to exclude products from Google Shopping

A question you might be asking yourself right now is why you would remove products from the Google Shopping feed and which ones.

There are various reasons to do so, but here are the most common ones:

  1. The product is out of stock or unavailable
  2. The product doesn’t perform well
  3. The product is defective
  4. The product is seasonal
  5. The product is no longer relevant
  6. The product is no longer part of the company’s focus
  7. There is not enough advertising budget for this channel

In general, one should exclude products that don’t add any value to the customer or the business. If it doesn’t benefit any of the two parties, it may be a good idea to not display it on Google Shopping.

The main purpose of Google Shopping is that your company shows its best side, meaning that you want to stimulate conversions and purchase

How to remove products from Google Shopping

Now that you are aware of what it means to exclude products from Google Shopping and why it may be useful to choose this strategy, let’s discover how to hide these products.

To exclude products from Google Shopping, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Merchant Center and sign in
  2. Click on ‘Products’ in the left-hand menu
  3. Click on the ‘All Products’ tab
  4. Look for the product you want to exclude and click on the checkbox next to it. If you want, you can select multiple products as well
  5. Click on the trash can symbol to exclude or remove the selected product(s) from Google Shopping

Be aware that it may take 24 hours for the exclusion to be completed. After that time frame, the chosen product(s) will no longer be visible in Google Shopping or in search results.

How to improve products before excluding them

As mentioned above, it is essential to contemplate your next advertising strategy decisions. The goal is to display content that is engaging and relevant for your target audience, even if it is an advertisement.

Therefore, we recommend you to go over your products and see if you can improve them before removing them.

While double checking and analyzing the performance of your business’ products, you can get important insights that make you rethink your whole action plan. 

For example, if your product has a high number of impressions and no clicks, maybe the product itself is not the issue. This highlights the need to do thorough evaluation before making any changes to your product offer.

Are you not completely sure which changes can be made? We have some tips and tricks for you:

  • Use better images for your products and ensure they meet the Google guidelines.
  • Work on your products’ copy and descriptions.
  • Make sure your products have competitive prices.
  • Look into the possibility of adding Google Promotions.
  • Communicate your changes with customers via relevant marketing channels.

The one takeaway you need to have from this article

Congratulations! You are now able to exclude irrelevant products from your Google Shopping Feed. Are you ready to optimize your product range, so you can get better results?

If the answer is no or you are in need of a more detailed approach, feel free to contact us at Casa. We are always ready to give you a hand if needed!

Looking for help with your business’ advertising?

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17 May 2023


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