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Shifting gears, SH1FT Digital is now Casa Media

Jake Robitaille

13 October 2022

MONTREAL, QC., Oct 13th, 2022 – SH1FT Digital, a Montreal based digital marketing agency has turned the page on its past image and is making a change in its branding. Now, a five year old venture, SH1FT Digital is redefining its facade for something more representative of the company and will officially rebrand as Casa Media. The change will take place effective from the release date. 

The new branding conveys the company’s focus on promoting a welcoming atmosphere, a space where curiosity, creativity and innovation feel right at home. Specialized in the latter aspects of digital marketing: branding, social media management, web design and advertising, Casa Media aims to make any project or partnership a comfortable experience. With Montreal as its roots, the agency wanted to reflect the creativity and inspirational hotbed it is anchored in. 

According to Casa’s Founder and CEO Dorian Reeves “The objective with this rebranding was to create a more approachable, warm and hospitable space to welcome clients, employees and friends alike. We wanted the new branding to reflect our agency’s young and friendly energy, but also their talent and originality.”

“We believe that modernizing our image, while still embracing our core values, will help our brand evolve in the way we want it to for years to come. The whole theme around welcoming you home and creating a neighborly spirit is original and provides endless opportunities.” said Jake Robitaille, Chief Marketing Officer, Casa Media. 

Welcome home – Bienvenue à la Casa.

Jake Robitaille

Marketing Director at Casa Media

We rebranded. SH1FT becomes Casa. Read the press release here.