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Digital Marketing FAQs

Gabby Gramentz

Curious to know more about Digital Marketing and how it could help your brand?

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When marketing your brand, it’s important to consider how to do it best. It is important to understand the foundation of marketing and how it will portray your brand to its desired audience. Digital marketing has many circulating questions, so let’s answer some Digital Marketing FAQs!

What is Digital Marketing?

Let’s start this off by giving you a better understanding of what digital marketing is. Digital marketing is all forms of advertisements and marketing that utilize the internet or online platforms. This can include content marketing, social media, search engine optimization (SEO), and more.

Digital marketing is becoming more influential as the online world continues to grow. It serves as a way for brands to advertise, increase brand recognition and exposure, interact with their target audience, and much more. In addition to personalized websites, digital marketing agencies help brands improve and strengthen their presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok, as well as many others.

If you are contemplating whether digital marketing may benefit your brand, continue reading to learn more about what digital marketing agencies do.

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency is a company that brands hire to assist any online marketing or advertising efforts. Digital marketing agencies do as much or as little work as the client desires.

What are some different roles at a Digital Marketing Agency?

You can find some key roles in just about every digital marketing agency. Learning about some of these roles can give you a better understanding of what happens behind the scenes.

It’s important to remember that these roles do not always follow a cookie-cutter description. While different roles generally have varying tasks, teamwork is a huge part of working within a digital marketing agency.

Account Manager

The Account Manager is generally responsible for managing relationships with current and potential clients. They work to manage, develop and improve a client’s online presence and strategies. 

Communication is crucial for Account Managers, as they are primarily the voice between the clients and the creative team. Account Managers speak with the clients to understand their expectations and goals clearly, then relay that information to the creative team. 

Graphic Designer

In Digital Marketing, graphic design can be an incredibly important role. When a client has a creative idea, someone has to bring it to life!

Graphic designers create visual content following the client’s guidelines and strategic ideas of the digital marketing team.

Web Designers

Web designers determine the best format and design for a website or web page. As a web designer, it’s important to clearly understand the clients’ expectations and the design team’s vision to form a platform that satisfies everyone’s needs.


The copywriter is responsible for forming sentences, taglines, phrases, paragraphs, and any other form of text to advertise a product or brand. Any content the copywriter composes aims to advertise and increase brand awareness and hopefully persuade customers to gain interest in that particular brand. 

Copywriters must have clear and strong communication and strategic and creative skills. The copywriter generally writes shorter, less in-depth text than a content writer to turn readers into customers. 

Social Media Manager

Social media managers are in charge of managing an agency’s social media projects and campaigns, making sure everything can sail smoothly. They must communicate with other members within the agency to ensure that all the content and designs are ready on time. 

The social media managers monitor how each piece of content performs by assessing various analytics. After reviewing the data, adjustments are made so the content can be successful.

It’s also frequently the social media manager’s responsibility to coordinate with the design team, assisting with content creation. They also work with the client to run paid advertisements across various platforms. 

Community Manager

The role of the community manager is to engage with the brand’s target audience. Responding to comments, messages, and other inbound communication from the public is one of the ways the community manager works to strengthen client-customer relationships. 

They may also handle outbound community management, meaning they go out into the community as the brand and engage with the brand’s desired target audience. Community Managers are responsible for channeling the brand’s desired voice and growing their online presence. They hope to gain a stronger following and more customer loyalties.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that involves creating and distributing content across social platforms. When done effectively, a brand can showcase its expertise to current and potential customers.

If you have read a blog post, listened to a podcast, subscribed to emails, or watched an informational video, you may have engaged in content marketing. A brand provided the content you searched for and, hopefully, shared valuable information on that topic.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is used on websites to increase the likelihood of your website appearing on keyword searches. 

In simpler terms, if you have a stronger SEO, your webpage, or website, is more likely to appear when keywords are searched.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are words and/or phrases people type into a search engine to find what they are looking for. 

Consider you’ve somehow forgotten what ‘Ravioli’ was called. You then might pull up Google and type, “square pasta stuffed with cheese.” Based on that search, you will discover the word you’re looking for was Ravioli! Based on your search information, relevant content will appear due to specific keywords. 

Keywords are important as they help attract traffic to your site!

What is a Call-to-Action?

A call-to-action, or CTA, is a strategic design for marketers which encourages audience members to take a specific action. 

Have you ever seen a post that told you to “Click the Link,” “Download Now,” or “Subscribe Below?” Those are all examples of a CTA. 

These are beneficial in many digital marketing strategies, as it encourages the audience to participate and engage with the brand. 

Would my brand benefit from Digital Marketing?

The world we live in today relies heavily on social media. A website is a great asset to have as a brand, but the addition of social media allows you to advertise to a much larger audience.

Promoting your website, brand, or product on other digital marketing channels allows you to reach a larger audience, increases your brand’s awareness, and gives you a competitive advantage over competitors.

Including additional digital marketing platforms into your brand’s advertising strategies lets you directly communicate with your target audience. So much of the world is on social media, which means there is an audience for just about everything. Incorporating digital marketing into your plans can be extremely beneficial.

Which Social Media Platforms Should My Brand Have?

That entirely depends on your brand. 

I know that answer seems quite broad, but there are multiple benefits to each platform and endless ways they could be beneficial to your brand. Let’s look at a few of the most popular platforms:


Instagram has roughly one billion active users. Of the billion users, 90 percent follow at least one brand.

With numbers like that, your brand has the potential to grow, strengthen customer loyalties and hone in on your target audience

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app. It allows users to view, like, and interact with their friends and family and celebrities, brands, and many others.

It is a great platform to build a community and engage with the public. As a brand, there are endless opportunities to run Instagram advertisements and increase brand exposure!


Twitter carries nearly 400 million active users. This social media platform was built for users to quickly share their thoughts, feelings, or feedback in a text-based post or Tweet. The primary goal of this platform is to connect users with similar interests.

Brands can easily run a Twitter ad campaign, connect with their target audience and be proactive with customer service.

If your brand has a unique personality, broad target audience and/or a strong following, Twitter may be your place.


TikTok is a short video-sharing platform that has grown dramatically over the past few years. Its infamous algorithm allows brands to be easily discovered, run TikTok advertisements, and participate in popular trends.

As this platform is primarily video-based, it’s important to consider whether or not your brand has content that matches this format.


Facebook is a social networking site that allows you to share text-based, photo, and video posts to your feed. 

Like other platforms, Facebook lets you closely engage with your target audience. Users have the ability to not only interact with your content but also share it with their feed. Creating engaging content is the smartest way to use Facebook as a brand.

Around 1.6 billion users are connected to small brands on Facebook, making it a great growth opportunity for your brand! What’s even better? They also have an easy system for running Facebook advertisements!


Another popular platform is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site created to help connect and strengthen professional relationships. 

This platform is best if you have more information to share. It is a great place to share your brand’s story, goals, achievements, advice, and other longer text-based information.

In addition to LinkedIn’s paid advertisements, brands also can find potential employees by creating a Career Page!

Do You Still Have Unanswered Questions?

No need to worry. We’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have. If you want to know more about how digital marketing may benefit your brand, reach out to us here.


07 July 2022

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